Securing Your Home

The gates are now fitted and look great!

Automated Entry CustomerNorth London

With any Automated gate system there is a need for access control systems, there are a number of options depending on the location and your preference. The type of systems available are:

Proximity Reader (Fob/Remote Controls)

For multi user sites, proximity access control provides the efficient and convenient way of securing your property. Gate access control fobs are issued to allow access through the electric gates and are an easily barred from the system if they are lost, stolen or just not returned by someone.

Key pad

A digital keypad can be fitted at the gate so that the user has to give the correct multi-digit sequence to open the gates, these can be fitted to driveway and pedestrian gates.

Audio intercoms (wired)

Ideal for domestic use, when a visitor calls at your home they press the intercom and the call point and the phone rings in the house allowing the caller to communicate.  The house owner can then release the gate to allow the visitor to open the gates and gain access or if using automatic gates system, open the gates remotely from the house.

 GSM Wireless system 

GSM gate entry system employs mobile phone technology to communicate and operate automatic gates. The GSM amplifier is totally self-contained and only requires an external power supply and an antenna, you can open your gates from anywhere in the world once you are satisfied with the identity of the caller! Another advantage of the system is the cost saving as there is no need for any additional wiring.